The Research


Research funding: The research is being carried out on behalf of the Centre for Law, Justice and Journalism at City University.

Research aims: The aim of the research is to find out more about young people’s views about different kinds of behaviour in a digital communication context (e.g. on social media, instant messaging, via apps, etc.). Overall, the aim is to provide young people (aged 11-18) with the chance to put forward their opinions about digital and social media interactions. I hope that the final published research will help to inform and influence people who make policy decisions that relate to young people and technology. Copies of the final, published research will be made available to schools who took part in the research on request.

Research methods:  The research will be based on qualitative data; which means taking notes of students spoken responses during an interactive workshop session. These will be run quite like a normal class, in the school environment that students will be used to and with a member of staff present. Students will be put into small groups and asked to discuss different examples with each other and the researcher for the length of a normal class session. Students will also have the chance to learn more about ‘Online and Social Media Law and Ethics’ from an outside expert and ask any questions they may have. Afterwards, the researcher will have a quick feedback meeting with a member of school staff to talk about how it went. The data will be ‘collected’ in the form of the researcher’s handwritten notes, so there will be no audio or video recording of students during the sessions.

Participation: The research workshops are open to students aged 11-18 years old and is voluntary (you only take part if you want to, and can pull out at any point). Students who take part will remain anonymous, so they will not be identified in the final results. The school will also not be identified by name. Students who want to take part will need to have consent from a parent or guardian beforehand, as well as filling in their own consent form.

Ethics and safety: The researcher is very experienced working with young people on this topic. She has undergone full Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks and has completed NSPCC training in Child Protection and Safeguarding procedures. Full ethical approval has been granted by City University’s Ethics Committee of the Department of Sociology for this project to take place (Letter of Approval Holly Powell-Jones). For more on this click ‘Safeguarding’

To find out more about the researcher’s expertise and experience, click the heading ‘Previous Work’ or ‘Testimonials’.

You can also click on the headings ‘School/Parents information’ or ‘Students information’ to see a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the research.

Alternatively you can click ‘Contact’ to get in touch with the researcher directly with a question or query. 

Thank you for your interest.


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