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Television news interview: Channel 5 (live) (28/07/2015)

Guest appearance to speak about the launch of the ‘iRights’ campaign. The proposals include giving young people the opportunity to ‘delete’ or edit their online content easily once they reach the age of 18. (Credit: Channel 5 News; ITN; 18:30 28/7/2015.)

Podcast audio interview: PodhD Episode 4 (January 2017)

Guest interviewee for PodhD discussing the IAFOR International Conference for Education 2017 in Honolulu, Hawaii, where I gave an academic presentation on my research with young people and social media communications offences (Credit: Guy Kiddey, PodhD; Jan 2017)

Television news interview: Community Channel’s ‘London 360’ (27/06/2016)

Guest interview on a feature about sex education in schools needing updating for the digital age, with discussion on the laws around sexting, cyber abuse and revenge porn. (Credit: London 360; Media Trust; 19:30 27/06/2016 –  3’58”)

Radio and online news article: 96.4 Eagle Radio Ltd. (11/08/2016)

Online and Social Media Law and Ethics project featured in local news coverage on air and online: ‘Thousands of Surrey schoolchildren walking a tightrope online’. Discussion of the need for education in schools on using social media legally, safely and responsibly, plus key findings from the third consecutive year of delivering school workshops about online law and ethics.

Full article available online:

News media piece

logo_change Tomorrows-transactions-logo-e1422541937660

Podcast Interview: ‘Tomorrow’s Transactions’ (edited) (10/10/2015)

This podcast explores the ‘youth’ dimension of the digital identity debate. (Credit: Consult Hyperion/Tomorrow’s Transactions 10/10/2015)


News contributor/interviewee: Eagle Radio (pre-recorded) (19/10/2015)

News interview to accompany an exclusive Eagle Radio report revealing that 90% of Surrey students flout Social Media age restriction rules. (Credit: Eagle Radio/UKRD Ltd. 19/10/2015)

News contributor: Youthwork Magazine (May 2015 edition)

Article about sexting, young people and the law for Premier Youthwork magazine (Credit: Premier Youthwork 01/05/2015.)

Youthwork 2Youthwork 1

Newspaper article : Dorking and Leatherhead Advertiser (12/12/2013)

Leatherhead students learn the dangers of social media and the web

Featured piece in the local press about the training at Therfield school (article by Alexander Robertson and photo by Kevin Shaw). Read the full piece online at :


PCC’s office Press Release (08/07/2013):

Surrey PCC Kevin Hurley and Eagle Radio join forces to offer online media law and safety training in Surrey schools

July 08, 2013 by SurreyPCC 

Online safety and conduct advice is now as fundamental a part of educating and protecting our children as the Green Cross Code.

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey has awarded grant funding from the Community Safety Fund to Surrey radio station Eagle Radio to deliver free Online and Social Media Law & Ethics training, run by an accredited journalist, in every secondary state school in the county.

The training will provide expert advice to young people on the responsible, legal and safe use of social media and the internet.  Local students will learn about: online and social media law; the do’s and don’ts of social media and internet; awareness and reporting of cyber-bullying; and how to stay safe online.

Up to £31,500 of funding has been awarded from the Community Safety Fund to the scheme.

Kevin Hurley, Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey, said:

“The internet and social media is changing our way of life profoundly. Online safety and conduct advice is now as fundamental a part of educating and protecting our children as the Green Cross Code.

“I am pleased that, by working with Eagle Radio and with funding from the PCC’s Community Safety Fund, this Office can support a programme offering online and social media law and ethics education to all of Surrey’s state secondary schools. This is an important initiative that I commend to headteachers, parents and pupils alike.”

Read online at:


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